Unik Nordic's Odyssey: Crafting Custom Creations

Unik Nordic's Odyssey: Crafting Custom Creations

Specializing in custom wallpapers, Unik Nordic embarked on a quest to transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries. While art is both the medium and the message, selling fully custom creations was only possible thanks to having a Custom Price Calculator in their Shopify app stack.

The Initial hurdle: limited by conventional tools

Initially, a generic pricing app limited Unik Nordic's ambition to offer highly personalized wallpaper designs. Not being cohesively integrated into their store and not offering the right kinds of customization for all available wall art pieces, the original limitation made it difficult to fully cater to customer preferences. Shoppers were looking for unique, custom designs, and the need for proper tooling impacted their ability to differentiate and grow.

Strategic shift: embracing Custom Price Calculator

The adoption of the Custom Price Calculator was a turning point. This tool is built with Shopify brands in mind, enabling businesses like Unik Nordic to offer detailed customization options with flexible pricing, aligning their product offerings more closely with customer expectations and desires.

The updated custom pricing widget allows shoppers to select the height and width required for their wall art, but that’s what you would expect from any wallpaper business. Instead, Unik Nordic also lets buyers upload a photo of their wall in case of uncommon door, window, or other room layout features and leave any additional comments they want Sindy, the founder, and her team to know before custom-making the wall art. 

Is Shopify Good for Custom Products?
Deciding on the best platform for your custom product store? Shopify’s features make it the top choice for customization.

Custom prices that drive results 

Implementing Custom Price Calculator significantly increased custom orders, with 95% of sales now processed through the app. This shift improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction by providing more personalized shopping experiences.

Unik Nordic’s journey from facing operational constraints to achieving significant growth and expansion serves as a compelling example of how strategic tool adoption can transform an ecommerce business.  Custom Price Calculator not only solved a critical pain point but also opened up new opportunities for innovation and market expansion.

Unik Nordic x Custom Price Calculator TL;DR

Unik Nordic overcame customization challenges by adopting the Custom Price Calculator, leading to 95% of orders through the app and enabling their team to focus on quality and explore product expansion, showcasing strategic growth and innovation.