How to Build a Home Design Shopify Store

A modern english country kitchen, featuring hardwood and brass aesthetics

Homes are our sanctuaries, and the allure of creating a personalized space has never been stronger. The challenge for entrepreneurs is how to build a Shopify store that sells home design and renovation essentials that stands out. Let's navigate the intricacies of selecting products, optimizing your store's design, mastering product photography, and personalizing the shopping experience for your customers.

Types of home design brands

a modern English cottage home, featuring wallpaper and hardwood

Home design is an expansive field, encompassing a variety of products, each with its unique appeal and market. Focusing on specific product lines like hard flooring, carpets, and wall coverings can be a strategic move for a Shopify store.

Hard flooring

The foundation of any room's aesthetic, flooring options range from elegant hardwood to modern laminate and eco-friendly bamboo. Your store can cater to diverse tastes and budgets, providing detailed product descriptions and installation guides.


A segment that's all about texture, comfort, and color. Whether it's luxurious Persian rugs or contemporary synthetic mats, offering a range of styles can cater to different design preferences. Highlight the texture, material, and maintenance tips to help customers make informed decisions.

Wallpaper and wall coverings

The canvas of a room, where patterns and colors set the mood. From classic florals to abstract prints, wallpapers can dramatically transform spaces. Showcase high-quality images and offer samples for a tactile experience, even in a digital space.

There are many more types of home design businesses, of course. Really, there is no end to the types of brands that can supply home design products and services!

Store design: A canvas for your products

An entrereneur building a Shopify ecommerce store

Your Shopify store's design is pivotal in showcasing your products effectively. A cluttered or poorly designed website can deter potential customers, while a well-thought-out layout can enhance user experience and boost sales.

Layout and navigation

Keep it simple and intuitive. Categories should be easy to find and products easy to browse. A clean layout with ample white space can make your products stand out.

Visual theme

Align your store's visual theme with your product line. For instance, a rustic theme works well for natural flooring products, while a modern, minimalistic theme suits contemporary wallpapers.

Mobile optimization

Ensure your store is mobile-friendly. A responsive design is essential with a significant portion of online shopping done via mobile devices.

Capturing the essence of your products

Photographers doing a photoshoot inside a modern English cottage home

The importance of high-quality photography can't be overstated in an online home design store.

  1. Product shots: Clear, well-lit, high-resolution images are crucial. Show products from different angles and contexts.
  2. Lifestyle images: Incorporate lifestyle shots that place your products in styled room settings. This helps customers visualize the products in their own homes.
  3. Consistency: Maintain a consistent style and quality across all product images to create a cohesive look for your store.
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Customization: Personalizing the shopping experience

Customization is a powerful tool in home design e-commerce. It allows customers to feel involved in the creative process and ensures they get exactly what they want.

  1. Product options: Offer a variety of customizable options like colors, sizes, and materials.
  2. Interactive tools: Implement tools like a color picker or full custom price calculator to enhance the customer experience.
  3. Customer support: Excellent customer support, including advice on customization, can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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How to build a home design Shopify Store TL;DR

Creating a home design Shopify store is a journey that combines art with functionality. By focusing on specialized product lines, optimizing your store’s design, investing in top-notch photography, and offering customization options, you can create a store that sells and inspires. Keep the user experience at the forefront, and your Shopify store will become a destination for home design enthusiasts.